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We offer a wide range of components for the furniutre industry. Please click the below link to download the brochure. To receive a hard copy, please email


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A multifunctional and stylish sofa accessory perfect for resting food and drinks



• Made from 100% natural bamboo

• Faux leather ‘splashproof’ under cover
• 2 styles – Fully flexible or central bar (for round or narrow sofa arms)
• Available in a range of colours

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The measurements of flexmat are 34 cm x 29 cm x 1 cm. It is a simple yet stylish solution designed to increase usability of sofa arms. Made in a size that does not take up too much space, but perfectly fulfills its mission.


There are 2 versions available for rectangular and rounded sofa arsms. The product can also be used to rest food and drink on seat cushions.


The faux leather under cover is anti-slip and also prevents stains, water and residue markes. The product is resistant to water, heat and friction.

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